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Cam Newton proclaims himself ‘Vegan Strong’ in new PETA spot

Cam Newton adopted a completely vegan diet last year, and the New England Patriots quarterback is touting its positive impact on his overall health in a new spot for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

The campaign, which was shared on PETA’s official YouTube page Monday, features Newton wearing a shirt emblazoned with the message “Vegan Strong.” In an exclusive interview, Newton insists his strictly plant-based diet has led to “such a remarkable change in the way my body responds to the food that I eat.”

“I don’t want people to think you can’t love food being vegan, or there’s not good-tasting food that’s vegan,” Newton said in the video. “A person may ask, ‘How do you get your protein?’ … You get it in the same way that they get it, know what I’m saying? The more cleaner, more fresher way.”

Newton officially adopted veganism last year, and the announcement was unsurprisingly celebrated by PETA at the time.

Newton saw a precipitous decline in quality of play last year in a season where injuries again compromised his ability to stay on the field. A Lisfranc fracture ultimately led to him landing on IR after appearing in only two games, and the Carolina Panthers ultimately decided this past offseason to part ways with the former MVP.

There was some speculation at the time of Newton’s injury last September that switching to the vegan diet had an adverse impact on Newton’s play and his ability to recover from injury.

All that being said, Newton is believed to be well on his way to a complete recovery from Lisfranc surgery, and the Patriots may benefit greatly by signing a quarterback eager to prove all the naysayers and doubters wrong by staging a huge comeback in 2020.