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LeBron James’ commitment to Akron continues with I Promise Village

LeBron James has stated that the 2018 opening of his I Promise School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, stands as one of the proudest achievements of his life.

As the Los Angeles Lakers superstar prepares for the NBA’s resumption of play later this month, a recent announcement illustrates how James’ commitment to the Akron community remains as strong as ever.

In a statement Thursday from the LeBron James Family Foundation shared by the Lakers star with his 46.7 million followers on Twitter, it was announced that an I Promise Village will soon open in Akron.

In coordination with Graduate Hotels, the I Promise Village will house 300 ambassadors and I Promise students. The concept aspires to help less-privileged families “with a long-term plan for their future success.”

“Initially, our work was focused on helping these kids earn an education. But we’ve found that it is impossible to help them learn if they are struggling to survive – if they are hungry, if they have no heat in the freezing winter, if they live in fear for their safety,” James said in a statement shared by the LeBron James Family Foundation’s official site.

“This is about more than just getting kids to school. This is about keeping them alive. We’re seeing families struggling every day with very real and often times unexpected issues that turn their worlds upside down. This will allow the family time and opportunities to grow while not worrying if they’ll have a roof over their head,” added Michele Campbell, Executive Director of the LeBron James Family Foundation.

The I Promise School and its affiliated programs and community outreach have earned widespread accolades. James’ integral role in opening the school has elicited similar praise due to his dedication to the educational initiatives championed by it. When James opened the school in 2018, he hailed it as “one of the greatest moments of my life.”