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Snowball fights? Ex-Patriot Rob Ninkovich shares great Bill Belichick story

Bill Belichick has cultivated the reputation of being the most no-nonsense, curmudgeonly coach in all of sports in this or any other era. While there’s little doubt that the New England Patriots boss is content with the perceived personality he has crafted, a story surfaces from time to time that shows it’s not always all business for Belichick.

Rob Ninkovich, who played for the Patriots from 2009-16 and won two Super Bowls with the team, recently spun a yarn about how Belichick once was identified as the man responsible for covertly pelting players with snowballs in the parking lot after a game.

“So I’m walking out after the game, walking to my truck. All of a sudden, a snowball comes flying in, and I’m like, ‘Who the heck is throwing snowballs?’ and it was Bill throwing snowballs at guys,” Ninkovich recalled during an appearance on NBC Sports’ “Sports Uncovered” podcast, as transcribed by NBC Sports Chicago. “It was just kind of like a fun moment where you were like, ‘He’s not so bad … he’s not so bad.'”

This is not the first instance of a Patriots player, former or otherwise, allowing a peek behind the curtain of Belichick’s domineering persona, but that doesn’t prevent each revelation from being a delightful counterbalance to his patented steely reputation.

After all, it was once confirmed that Belichick smiled only seven times during press conferences over the course of an entire season.

All that being said, Belichick has been known to showcase his typically well-hidden whimsical side from time to time, especially when spending time with longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday. In fact, Belichick can be downright jovial from time to time. Well, jovial in strictly Belichickian terms, that is.