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Is LeBron James receiving preferential treatment in Orlando bubble?

Is it possible that the NBA is pulling out all the stops to make sure King James is as comfortable as possible as he gets settled in the Orlando bubble? That much may be unclear at this point, but Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers at the very least jokingly insinuated as much.

In an Instagram Live dispatch shared Tuesday night, a masked Rivers points out a resort building comprised of several units. Rivers claims the entire complex is reserved just for LeBron James.

While Rivers’ supposed accusation that James is receiving preferential treatment by being afforded far superior accommodations at the Walt Disney World Resort campus than his fellow NBA players of course cannot be presently corroborated.

What’s more, it’s difficult to ascertain whether Rivers is merely cracking a joke or is making a serious allegation, though the former is arguably more likely.

However, such a development will surely be sussed out if it is in fact true that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is being disproportionally pampered ahead of the NBA restart tentatively scheduled to begin on July 30 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

A handful of NBA players have taken to social media and elsewhere over the past week to bemoan what they view as substandard accommodations in the Orlando bubble, including James’ teammate, Rajon Rondo. There has also been a few instances of players harshly criticizing the quality of the meals being served to them.

Interestingly enough, James himself made some provocative comments ahead of traveling to Orlando in which he likened his situation to how one must feel when heading to prison, a questionable comparison at best that was met with some derision on social media.

It’s difficult to gauge whether there is a broader consensus among NBA players concerning whether the accommodations in Orlando are indeed not up to snuff. One of the league’s biggest superstars, however, recently made it a point to downplay such a dubious notion.