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Kings’ Buddy Hield cracks El Chapo joke about tunneling out of Orlando bubble

NBA players face serious consequences for violating protocols established by the league for the bubble in Orlando, Fla. Sacramento Kings star Buddy Hield nevertheless decided to make a joke about how he intends to sneak out of the Walt Disney World Resort with no one being the wiser.

During a session with reporters Tuesday, Hield made a wisecrack about how he was going to pull an “El Chapo” and tunnel out of the bubble.

El Chapo of course is a reference to notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán, who infamously escaped police custody by tunneling out of a jail in 2015.

Hield’s joking aside, a violation like sneaking out to the bubble is serious business. The situation at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex — where the NBA is slated to restart play on July 30 — is an extremely fragile one.

So much so, in fact, that the NBA has established an anonymous hotline — sarcastically referred to as a “snitch line” — where players can report violations by other players. The hotline already has been utilized multiple times, according to reports.

There have also been a handful of instances where players have unwittingly violated bubble protocol and are now under quarantine due to the misstep.

In other words, while Hield’s comment obviously was made in jest, the NBA of course would not look fondly upon any player sneaking out of the bubble, whether it be by tunneling out or otherwise.