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Wardrobe dysfunction: Shaq does return of ‘Inside the NBA’ in his boxers

TNT’s “Inside the NBA” made its long-awaited return on Thursday night, and the fact that the panel was doing the show remotely led to a comically unscripted moment.

Even though Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith weren’t taking their customary spots together behind the desk, their appearance on television was a welcome sight for NBA-starved fans.

What wasn’t expected, however, was that viewers would catch a glimpse of Shaq’s boxers, as the NBA legend stood up too early as EJ closed out Thursday’s telecast.

While it wasn’t so much a wardrobe malfunction, per se, the case can be made Shaq’s slip-up instead was something of a wardrobe dysfunction. It isn’t the first time such a gaffe has occurred during these strange times when media members frequently make television appearances from their home.

There is little debate that “Inside the NBA” is unquestionably the preeminent studio show in all of sports. The fact that NBA on TNT has become a cultural institution over its lengthy run is a testament to that notion.

The show’s ability to blend informed analysis and whimsical shenanigans — while giving each member their own time to shine — is what makes “Inside the NBA” such a beloved component of the league’s media coverage.

Also, there’s always odd segues into ridiculous bits like this one from Thursday night.

Okay, ridiculously disturbing, but still gold.