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Steve Kerr: Social media contributes to polarized climate in U.S.

Steve Kerr is among the most outspoken individuals in the NBA, and the Golden State Warriors head coach frequently encourages players to use their voices to weigh in on social and political issues, however polarizing.

Kerr nevertheless concedes that the rampant use of social media and the way it grants users a corruptible sense of emboldening fearlessness has contributed to further dividing a society already weakened by ideological schisms.

“Frankly, I think the social media aspect of it is a big reason, one of many reasons, for the divide that exists in our country,” Kerr said during an interview with David Aldridge of The Athletic. “It’s so easy to just type words behind a computer or a phone, and write things that you would never say to another human being.”

Kerr of course is no stranger to sharing his provocative opinions on Twitter and elsewhere, but he nevertheless acknowledges that social media is a pervasive issue when it comes to the degradation of public discourse.

It stands to reason given Kerr’s own social media activities that he recognizes he could be part of the problem. That being said, perhaps Kerr’s broader point is that everyone, including himself, who uses social media should be cognizant of the inherent risks of expressing one’s opinion is such a manner.

Still, if a person is able to argue that they would be able to say the same thing to another person’s face, then proceed, albeit with some semblance of caution.