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O.J. Simpson dons Patrick Mahomes jersey on birthday, talks QB’s contract

O.J. Simpson celebrates his 73rd birthday on Thursday, and the disgraced former NFL star and actor marked the occasion by donning a Patrick Mahomes jersey and weighing in on the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s new record-shattering contract.

In a tweet in which he understatedly proclaims “It’s been quite a ride!!”, Simpson shares an obvious observation about how NFL salaries are far different today than the compensation during his playing days with the Buffalo Bills.

Simpson then grimly tied his mortality to the length of Mahomes’ contract, which extends his time in K.C. another 10 years through 2031.

“You know, I was the highest paid player for most of my career when I was in Buffalo,” Simpson recalls at about the 1:40 mark of the video. “But I was thinking today, of the 11 years that I played, the money that I played came up to about $500 million less than what this guy is gonna be making on this contract, you know? I know what my birthday wish is. I wish that I’m around to watch Patrick Mahomes at the end of his contract.”

While Simpson is presumably one of the last individuals NFL fans expected to weigh in on Mahomes’ contract, there is a history here. Just last year, Simpson dressed up as the superstar Chiefs quarterback and called himself “O.J. Mahomes.”

There you go.