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Indians pull Franmil Reyes from camp for not wearing mask at party

The Cleveland Indians confirmed Tuesday that Franmil Reyes has been quarantined away from the team’s camp after the discovery of images on social media in which the outfielder is shown at a Fourth of July party not wearing a mask.

Temporarily removing Reyes from workouts is being done to exercise extreme caution, according to Indians manager Terry Francona.

“I want to make sure everybody understands that there was nothing egregious,” Francona said Tuesday in a Zoom call, per “So we called him and told him that he needs to test again when it’s appropriate, and that’s for the medical people to tell us, before we can let him back to practice. Again, he’s not in the penalty box, I want to make that perfectly clear, it’s just the way we have to operate right now.”

Francona stressed in his comments that Reyes, acquired in a trade last season last season with the San Diego Padres, is in no further trouble with the team over not practicing safer social distancing practices and declining to wear a mask. Still, the fact Reyes potentially increased the risk of exposing himself — as well as teammates and Cleveland staff — merited removing him from workouts.

“He didn’t do anything bad,” Francona said. “We just have to live by certain guidelines right now.”

While the timing of the outfielder’s ultimate return is unclear, Francona added the Reyes was “extremely apologetic” over the situation.