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Are things lining up for the Seahawks to sign Antonio Brown?

The buzz surrounding Antonio Brown resurrecting his NFL career has ebbed and flowed since the New England Patriots cut him loose amid controversy last season. It’s safe to say that the speculation surrounding Brown catching on with an NFL team sometime soon currently is at a high point.

Numerous reports have surfaced in recent weeks surrounding how a handful of NFL teams may have interest in the enigmatic-but-immensely talented wide receiver. Among the teams who have been tied to Brown — reportedly to some extent or another — are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens and finally, the Seattle Seahawks.

What makes the final team on the above list arguably the most compelling destination for Brown is due to recent footage that showcased the free agent wideout working out with Russell Wilson.

Brown also shared footage of the workout, writing on Instagram, “Who would like to see this on Sundays? that was fun !!!!!!!!!!”

Presumably in reaction to the intriguing footage from the Wilson-Brown workout, Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin expressed interest in the wide receiver joining the team.

Then on Thursday, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported that Brown “would love to play” with the Seahawks.

There are of course no shortage of obstacles, not to mention concerns, when it comes to signing Brown. First and foremost, Brown is expected to be suspended by the NFL once the league concludes its investigation into alleged sexual misconduct and additional off-the-field incidents in recent years. The belief is that Brown will be relegated to the sidelines for somewhere around eight games.

Secondly, any team that decides to sign Brown runs the risk of bringing in a player, who despite possessing immense and game-changing talent, has worked his way off two teams due to his mercurial and disruptive behavior in the locker room.

All that being said, Brown will undoubtedly continue to draw interest from NFL teams. The case can be made that the Seahawks could be a good fit for Brown given the presence of Pete Carroll, who is known as the ultimate players’ coach. That doesn’t necessarily mean Brown’s signing with the Seahawks is imminent, nor does it mean it will ever happen.