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Alex Cora ‘would love to be back’ in MLB in 2021 ‘in some capacity’

Alex Cora recently opened up about his career outlook amid his season-long suspension due to his role in the Houston Astros’ 2017 sign-stealing scandal.

Cora and the Boston Red Sox mutually agreed to part ways amid the MLB’s investigation into the team’s own sign-stealing controversy, a move that came before the league even levied its punishment. The split came only one year removed from Cora leading the team to its 2018 World Series title.

While any future in baseball is left somewhat in doubt, Cora aspires to once again be a manager at the major league level.

“If this was a regular time and they were playing games, I would say yes,” Cora told Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe. “I would love to be back in 2021 in some capacity. I love managing at the big league level. But right now, I’m still kind of like putting my game plan together.”

There has been some speculation that the Red Sox would be interested in bringing back Cora once his suspension ends. This notion is reinforced by how the team signed his replacement, Ron Roenicke, to only a one-year contract. Cora was asked if he would be interested should the Red Sox come calling.

“They have a good group over there,” Cora said. “Hopefully Ron gets a chance to manage and he’s going to do a good job. Me talking about being there obviously right now is not even part of the equation.

“Obviously I’m suspended. We’ve decided we have to move on, and as of now, I don’t want to … they have their hands full with the season there.”

It certainly sounds like Cora is willing to be patient when it comes to any plans related to resurrecting his MLB managerial career, though it’s unlikely anything will happen in that regard until after his suspension is lifted anyway.

As far as it concerns the Red Sox — and more broadly any other MLB team that may have interest in Cora in 2021 and beyond — the question will be how bringing him in would be viewed from a public relations perspective, not to mention how players who would be in his charge would view his potential presence.