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LeBron James pumped over MLB Network’s Ken Griffey Jr. documentary

MLB Network will air a documentary about Ken Griffey Jr. this coming Sunday, and count LeBron James among those who cannot wait to watch it.

Titled “Junior,” the 90-minute documentary will feature commentary for Griffey himself, not to mention countless luminaries from the sports world, including James.

[T]he show will be narrated by Emmy Award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown and will include interviews with former Mariners manager Lou Piniella and numerous former teammates, as well as thoughts on what made Griffey such an iconic figure from LeBron James, Reggie Jackson, Bo Jackson, Gary Payton and others,” per Greg Johns of

In a tweet shared Monday night, James made it clear where he believes Griffey ranks in MLB history with a series of GOAT emojis.

“Junior” will be televised on Father’s Day, which is fitting given the remarkable relationship Griffey shared with his father. MLB Network will devote almost all of Sunday’s Father’s Day schedule to Griffey, including broadcasts of four of his most iconic games.

James, who was similarly excited for the Michael Jordan-centric docuseries “The Last Dance” on ESPN, has long been a huge fan of Griffey.

“You had the greatest swing and bat drop in Major League history,” James said in an Instagram Story dispatch last August. “I know, I get it. That’s why I love you. You’re super humble. But I’m going to say it for you. You had the greatest swing and bat drop in Major League history.”

“Junior” will air at 8:00 ET on MLB Network.