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Francisco Lindor donates shoes to Cleveland hospital workers

Indians star shortstop Francisco Lindor has donated 150 pairs of shoes to healthcare workers at Cleveland’s Marymount Hospital, specifically for those staffers who have been treating COVID-19 patients.

The official news account for Cleveland Clinic tweeted out footage of Lindor personally expressing gratitude to workers at the hospital for their tireless efforts and dedication over the past several months amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to thank you guys for everything you guys are doing for the community of Cleveland. It means a lot. You guys are the true heroes…all of you,” Lindor said in the video message. “I just wanted to help a little bit to make you guys a little more comfortable.”

All told, Lindor donated 150 pairs of New Balance sneakers to the staff at Marymount Hospital. For people who spend an excruciating amount of time on their feet treating patients, new shoes presumably were a pleasant surprise.

There has been no shortage of professional athletes and teams across all leagues that have stepped up to provide relief amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Such gestures have included donations from both players and organizations in recent months.

Support has come in other forms as well. Los Angeles Angels slugger Mike Trout recently donated meals to healthcare workers. Others, like Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry, have simply took time to let hospital staffers know how much their hard work is appreciated. Such thoughtful acts, regardless of nature, obviously have a tremendous impact on those working on the front lines.

While these gestures at times may seem relatively benign in the grand scheme of things, there’s no doubt these kind of expressions of gratitude are obviously welcomed by these dedicated workers.