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Ex-major leaguer rages against MLB, MLBPA: ‘Both sides suck’

Contentious negotiations between MLB and MLBPA continue to go the wrong way as the parties attempt to come to terms on an agreement that would allow the 2020 season to be played.

On Wednesday, the league reportedly rejected the Players Association’s proposal of a 114-game season. What’s worse, MLB is believed to have no plans to issue a counter-offer.

Given the ongoing disconnect and dysfunction amid a stalemate that threatens to cancel the entire 2020 campaign, a former major leaguer took it to both parties in a recent rant.

Lou Merloni, who enjoyed a nine-year MLB career mostly with the Boston Red Sox and is now media personality with WEEI and NBC Sports Boston, blasted both the league and the players’ union for their inability to settle their differences.

“Both sides suck, OK? That’s the bottom line,” Merloni said. “The Players Association comes back and says, ‘Not 82 (games), we want 114’ when they know that’s the non-starter. The owners don’t want to sit there and play until November. They’re worried about the pandemic; they’ve got to get the playoffs in. And then the owners come back and say we’re not even going to counter?

“Jesus, we’re like a month into this thing. Can you string this thing out (any longer)? How about go in one room together and try to figure this out in a day or two?”

MLB and the MLBPA have been butting heads over myriad issues in recent weeks. Among them are length of the season as well as ensuring the safety of players, team staff and other necessary personnel to hold ballgames. Another disagreement amid the impasse of course is the potential deal-breaking issue of player compensation.

“They don’t even realize it! It’s like they’re in this bubble and they don’t even realize what’s going on around them right now,” Merloni said of MLB and the MLBPA. “Figure this thing out: 70 games, 65, prorated (salaries), start playing some baseball, because your ass better be first coming back. If not, people are going to be done.”

Despite the seemingly dire circumstances and evident frustration by the league, players, analysts and fans, there is somehow still some optimism around the league that the season can be salvaged.