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Terrell Owens: Vic Fangio ‘needs to be drug tested’ over racism in NFL comments

Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio immediately stirred up significant controversy when he recently stated that racism does not exist in the NFL, and among those pushing back is Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens.

While speaking to reporters Tuesday, Fangio downplayed the notion that racism and discrimination are prevalent in the NFL.

“I think our problems in the NFL along those lines are minimal. We’re a league of meritocracy. You earn what you get, you get what you earn. I don’t see racism at all in the NFL, I don’t see discrimination in the NFL,” Fangio told reporters Tuesday when asked about his experiences in the league over the past four decades, per Jeff Legwold of ESPN. “We all live together, joined as one, for one common goal, and we all intermingle and mix tremendously. If society reflected an NFL team, we’d all be great.”

In response to Fangio’s comments on such a contentious issue, Owens took to Twitter to blast the Broncos coach, saying he “NEEDS TO BE DRUG TESTED” while alluding to how the NFL mishandled the Colin Kaepernick protest situation.

Fangio’s comments of course were inspired by a broader discussion concerning George Floyd, who died while in Minneapolis police custody last week. On that topic, Fangio said it was a “societal issue that we all have to join in to correct.”

Suffice to say, Fangio’s opinion stands in stark contrast to other head coaches in the NFL who have voiced their opinion, including the Chargers’ Anthony Lynn, who did not hold back when weighing in on the Floyd situation and the problematic societal issues it represents.

Owens certainly isn’t the only one blasting Fangio for his comments on the issue of race and the NFL, and it’s almost certain that the firestorm created by Fangio will not abate anytime soon. After all, the likes of Tony Dungy and other influential voices in the NFL world have already taken a strong stance against the Broncos coach’s polarizing rhetoric.