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Nick Foles: Eagles almost spoiled Philly Special by running it in NFC title game

The Philly Special is arguably one of the most iconic plays in NFL history, and Nick Foles recently revealed that the Philadelphia Eagles nearly spoiled the opportunity to run the spectacularly clever trick play in Super Bowl LII.

Foles of course was the star of the Philly Special, which was called on a 4th-and-goal play during the second quarter of the Eagles’ 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

The Eagles signal-caller became the first player in NFL history to both throw and catch a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl when wide receiver Trey Burton found him wide open for a huge TD.

Speaking on his “Mission of Truth” podcast alongside Chris Maragos, Foles revealed that the Eagles almost ran the play in the team’s 38-7 drubbing of the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game at Lincoln Financial Field two weeks prior.

“There’s a lot of detail in the book ‘Believe It’ but this is one I don’t think is there,” Foles said, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. “We were going to run the Philly Special vs. the Minnesota Vikings and Doug called the play.”

It turns out that Foles was reluctant to run it because of a sore rib caused by a hard hit by Vikings linebacker Anthony Bar earlier in the game. Not only that, Foles questioned the wisdom of running the play when the Eagles were already beating up on the Vikings at the time.

“We were already up, I think, 31-7, something like that,” Foles said. “I talked to Doug and I was like, ‘ah, we don’t need it. We’re up by so much, let’s not waste it.’ But in reality, another reason was I was worried about turning and running out and trying to catch the ball. I didn’t know if I would be able to lift my arm up and turn and catch it because of the rib shot earlier in the game.”

Things obviously worked out ideally for the Eagles, as having the Philly Special in the team’s back pocket paid off big time in their Super Bowl victory thanks to the gutsiness and timing of the call.

And the eventual Super Bowl LII MVP is understandably relieved that the Eagles wisely saved the Philly Special for another day, a grander stage and a more critical time.

“It almost happened and it was one of those moments honestly it probably does happen if my ribs aren’t killing me,” Foles said. “Because it would have just lit the Linc on fire. It was already insane. Obviously, the Philly Special became a legendary play. I’m glad we didn’t use it then.”