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Cameron Jordan doubts LeBron James would have cut it as NFL TE

LeBron James recently revealed that he started to “train to be a football player” during the 2011 NBA lockout, and the admission has resulted in some NFL players questioning whether the Los Angeles Lakers superstar could have cut it as a professional football player.

Count New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan among those who are skeptical over James’ potential transition to the NFL world being a successful one.

There’s no question that the rare combination of size, speed and strength that James boasts would make him an intriguing football prospect, and many believe he would have been dangerous at the tight end position had he not stopped playing football after his junior year in high school.

Jordan can see some sense in that sentiment, albeit with a caveat or two. Speaking this week with Colin Cowherd, the Saints star questioned whether James would be brave enough to run routes in the middle of field where he would expose himself to punishing hits.

“I’ve got four guys that are going to take out the body you care so much about,” Jordan said. “I don’t know if you’ve been banged up on the basketball court like you’re going to get banged up in 16 games of football.”

That said, Jordan believes that James conceivably could have enjoyed some success as an NFL tight end if he was used in a limited capacity.

“As long as he spaces out and doesn’t catch anything over the middle—maybe he’s just a streak guy,” Jordan said. “If you send him on [go routes] that’d be your best bet. Make him a red-zone tight end.”

While Jordan is among the skeptics, there have been others who believe James would have wreaked havoc on the NFL world if he had chosen football over basketball. Jordan isn’t buying it.

“As a tight end?” Jordan said. “It’s probably over for him.”