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Tom Brady tutored Bucs center Ryan Jensen on how to avoid butt sweat

Tom Brady is finally getting to know his new Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates, and developing a rapport with new center Ryan Jensen is of the utmost importance.

To illustrate the point that the quarterback-center relationship is critical from Brady’s perspective, the superstar signal-caller tutored Jensen in the foolproof way to avoid butt sweat during an a much ballyhooed informal workout on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night, Jensen shared the sage wisdom about eliminating what Brady has comically referred to as “swamp ass.”

Brady is notoriously persnickety when it comes to the demand that his centers avoiding overly perspiring posteriors, as evidenced by an entire column devoted to that very subject last fall.

What’s more, here are the absurd lengths Brady’s onetime center with the New England Patriots, David Andrews, went to in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to limit his butt sweat.

“I have actually tried to train my body not to sweat,” said Andrews, Brady’s center the past four seasons who is on injured reserve this year. “So, I would sit in the sauna and just try not to (sweat).

“It didn’t work.”

It’s hardly surprising that a key component of Brady getting to know Jensen involved such exacting measures when it comes to avoiding nuisance sweating. If Jensen is successful in his anti-perspiratory quest, there’s a good chance his partnership with Brady will be a congenial one.