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Rob Gronkowski shows off juggling skills in virtual chat with fellow Bucs TEs

Rob Gronkowski has of course been unable to meet his new Tampa Bay Buccaneers in person after coming out of retirement due to NFL facilities remaining on lockdown and teams holding virtual offseasons due to coronavirus pandemic.

Like every other team, the Buccaneers have been conducting virtual meetings, coaching sessions and utilizing other unconventional methods in an attempt to keep their offseasons somewhat on track despite the imposed restrictions.

Gronkowski met with his fellow Bucs tight ends on Monday in a “Group Chat”┬ávideo conference hosted by team reporter Casey Phillips, and the four-time First Team All-Pro showed off a new talent he has honed amid the COVID-19 outbreak: Juggling.

It turns out Gronk’s new hobby was a real hit with O.J. Howard, Cameron Brate and Tanner Hudson, as it turns out the Bucs’ tight ends are evidently “big time jugglers.”

This offseason has been unlike any other one in NFL history, and the inability to participate in traditional programs like OTAs and minicamps undoubtedly complicates the acclimation process for players like Gronkowski — not to mention fellow new Bucs arrival Tom Brady — who have joined new teams.

Still, teams and players are doing the best they can under such unprecedented circumstances, and it sounds like Gronk and his fellow tight ends have already discovered something they all have in common in the process.