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Steph Curry: Warriors made ‘right decision’ to reject pitched documentary

The runaway success of the Michael Jordan-centric documentary, “The Last Dance,” has filmmakers seeking out other potential sports-themed subjects that could become the next hit.

Interestingly enough, the Golden State Warriors actually were approached at some point and pitched a documentary that would explore the team’s dynastic run. The Warriors ultimately declined, and Stephen Curry believes the organization made the right call.

Curry, who like most NBA fans have been throughly enjoying “The Last Dance” on ESPN, disclosed the documentary pitch during an appearance on Thursday’s remote edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“When we were going through these five Finals runs the last five years, our last year we turned down an opportunity, I believe, to have cameras follow our last season,” Curry said. “I think that was the right decision.”

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who of course is featured in “The Last Dance” thanks to being MJ’s Bulls teammate for a handful of seasons, recently shared similar sentiments about the proposed documentary during an interview with Sam Amick of The Athletic.

A Warriors documentary that would have chronicled the team’s 2018-19 campaign obviously would have been enthralling. The fact alone that potentially extensive behind-the-scenes coverage of Kevin Durant’s ultimate departure following the season — highlighted by his feud with Draymond Green — would have made such a documentary incredibly compelling.

Still, both Kerr and Curry are correct in their opinions that passing on a documentary was the right call. After all, there’s no way the Warriors could have predicted the crumbling of their dynasty would play out in such a stunning fashion, as it did thanks to the injuries of Curry and Klay Thompson, not to mention Durant’s tumultuous departure.

Curry believes the rumors of the Warriors dynasty‚Äôs demise have been an exaggeration, however, as he recently put the NBA on notice that the team’s time in the Western Conference cellar will be a short-lived one.