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Joe Buck clarifies remarks about FOX’s plans for NFL games

Joe Buck generated a lot of buzz this week with comments concerning how FOX may approach broadcasting NFL games in stadiums without fans in attendance.

On Thursday morning, the longtime FOX announcer attempted to clarify his remarks, indicating everything remains a work-in-progress on that front at this point and nothing has been made official.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live,” Buck said it’s “pretty much a done deal” that FOX intends to pump in artificial noise and fill stadium seats with virtual, digitized fans to lend some normalcy to NFL broadcasts should real fans be barred from attending games, which is expected at least initially.

Buck took to Twitter Thursday morning amid the firestorm ignited by his remarks and walked back his comments, particularly his statement that FOX’s plans were a “done deal.” Buck also criticized some media outlets for taking his quote and running with it.

Buck followed up his original tweet with a series of dispatches in which he pushed back against the notion that he made declarative remarks about FOX’s plans.

It’s hardly surprising that Buck’s comments inspired significant interest and widespread reaction given he arguably speaks from a position of authority in some regard given his status with FOX.

What’s more, it should not come as a shock that the notion of FOX using virtual means to enhance NFL broadcasts is all but assured resulted in Buck feeling compelled to clarify his remarks.

In other words, Buck’s declarative statement had to be walked back, even if the stated plan ultimately comes to fruition.