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Manager: Kevin Durant has no regrets over ‘incredible’ stint with Warriors

Kevin Durant’s manager insists his client has no regrets over his decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors, despite how his time with the team ultimately came to an end under somewhat unfortunate circumstances.

Rich Kleiman became the latest involved party to conduct a postmortem on Durant’s ultimately ill-fated tenure with the Warriors, and the star’s manager put a positive spin on the entire experience this week.

“He has never regretted decisions,” Kleiman said of Durant on The Athletic’s “Tampering” podcast, as transcribed by Ali Thanawala of NBC Sports Bay Area. “He feels like his experience in the Bay was incredible. He went to three Finals, won two Finals MVPs, formed an incredible set of relationships for life there. Has incredible friends there. So that situation was awesome.”

Kevin Durant’s three-season stint with the Golden State Warriors was of course a wildly successful one. The superstar’s tenure with the Warriors, however, was also marred in the end by a tumultuous final season, which continues to be parsed and dissected to this day.

Durant’s relationship with teammates deteriorated after the Warriors upended the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Finals, and his apparent unhappiness came to a head with his infamous feud with Draymond Green during the 2018-19 season, a widely publicized fissure that preceded his departure to the Brooklyn Nets.

Durant has been sensitive to how he has been portrayed as the primary catalyst to the downfall of the Warriors dynasty. So much so, in fact, that he refused to provide input for a book about Golden State’s remarkable run.

Despite all it took to get to this point, Kleiman insists that Durant is perfectly happy with how things ultimately played out.

“And he got to go to New York, where he wanted to play and play for an organization that he was interested in being a part of and he’s playing with a player he wanted to play with, and he did it his way,” Kleiman said. “He chose where he wanted to be.”