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CC Sabathia showcases jacked-up retirement physique

CC Sabathia spent most of his major-league career fending off criticism over his portly physique, but it goes without saying that the pitcher’s larger frame served him well.

Now that he’s hung up his cleats for good, it looks like Sabathia is aspiring to live a healthier lifestyle. What’s more, his commitment to doing so has led to Sabathia looking absolutely jacked following a recent — not to mention evidently aggressive and intense — workout regimen.

Two weeks ago, Sabathia shared video of himself hitting the weights in Las Vegas. He joked that he was working on getting in shape to play for his beloved Raiders.

While Sabathia is already noticeably slimmer in the Instagram dispatch than he was in his playing days, the transformation in his physique over just a few short weeks is simply stunning. A photograph surfaced on social media on Monday night that showcased Sabathia’s newly chiseled physique.

Sabathia spent a majority of his career tipping the scales at 300-plus pounds, though he did arrive at spring training in 2013 weighing in at a svelte 275 pounds. This followed Sabathia dropping some weight in 2011 by shunning Cap’n Crunch during the offseason.

After struggling on the mound and dealing with injury issues following his weight loss, Sabathia counterintuitively attempted to get healthier by putting on the pounds ahead of the 2015 season.

It is safe to say that Sabathia has a newfound desire to keep his weight down in retirement. It also goes without saying the iconic pitcher looks absolutely ripped thanks to his new workout warrior mentality.