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NFL Network wanted Bill Belichick’s dog to appear on schedule release show

One of the biggest stars of the unprecedented all-virtual 2020 NFL Draft was without question Bill Belichick’s dog, Nike. It turns out the Alaskan Klee Kai’s rapid rise to stardom has made him a hot commodity in league circles.

It has been confirmed that NFL Network requested an appearance by Nike during Thursday’s NFL schedule release programming, according to John Ourand of Sports Business Journal.

“Yes, we made a request for the dog,” NFL Media senior VP/programming and production Mark Quenzel said. “We don’t know if we’re going to get the dog. That may be the most popular segment. The dog may be the star of the whole darn show.”

Nike made his debut during Day 2 coverage of the draft when he was seen sitting in Bill Belichick’s seat when the New England Patriots head coach had stepped away.

Linda Holliday, Belichick’s longtime girlfriend, later revealed how Nike’s star turn came about during the draft.

“I’m doing lighting and next thing I know, Bill had a couple of treats that were left over near his laptop. He stepped away from the table and all of a sudden he looks at me and goes, ‘Look! Look at the table,'” Holliday said, via “Nike was just sitting there, waiting patiently. He knew his treats were there so that’s what prompted him sitting at the table. He was just sitting there, waiting patiently for the word to take his treats.”

The all-virtual draft was a runaway ratings hit, shattering previous records. It sounds like the NFL will continue utilizing what made the draft such an entertaining event amid this sports-starved climate for Thursday’s schedule release, as NFL Network will showcase interviews with coaches, GMs and players remotely from their homes.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like a Nike cameo is in the cards, that is unless NFL Network is keeping the canine’s appearance under wraps so it can come as a well-received surprise.