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Jerry Seinfeld weighs in on cameo in ‘The Last Dance,’ meeting MJ in 1998

There have been an abundance of blasts from the past featured in the smash ESPN documentary series, “The Last Dance.” One such instance came in one of last Sunday’s episodes when Jerry Seinfeld, no slouch in the sports fandom department, paid Michael Jordan a pregame visit in the Chicago Bulls’ locker room prior to a 1998 game.

The footage of the locker room meeting depicted a rather uncomfortable-looking Seinfeld chatting with Bulls head coach Phil Jackson and Jordan. Studying a play drawn up on the board, Seinfeld jokingly quipped, “This is not going to work, by the way. I would get that out of there.”

Jordan and Seinfeld obviously were two of the biggest stars on the planet at the time, and their chance encounter made for fascinating viewing. Making a virtual appearance this week on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Seinfeld, who incidentally hasn’t yet caught any of “The Last Dance” — which has been nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon — reflected upon the meeting.

“It’s not a place I would normally be,” Seinfeld recalled, via NBC Sports Chicago. “I think I had another conversation with [Jackson] because that was his last season (with the Bulls) and I was in the middle of my last season (of “Seinfeld”) and I remember teasing him about, ‘Who do you think is going to end bigger?,’ him or me.”

Seinfeld’s entire interview with Kimmel follows.