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Kevin Durant made it clear to writer he wanted no part of Warriors book

Kevin Durant provided a terse response last year to a reporter putting together an exposé about the Golden State Warriors when asked to provide input for the book, according to the writer himself.

Ethan Strauss of The Athletic is the author of “The Victory Machine: The Making and Unmaking of the Warriors Dynasty,” a book that explores Golden State’s 2018-19 season, one that seemingly all but put an end to the team’s era of dominance.

In a behind-the-scenes exploration of the writing of the book by Hua Hsu of The New Yorker, it is revealed that former Warrior Kevin Durant was not receptive to contributing his personal observations on the subject matter, to put it mildly. In fact, Durant, at that point a member of the Brooklyn Nets, fired off a profane response to Strauss’ inquiry.

“Months later, with Durant settled in Brooklyn, Strauss texted him to see if he would talk to him for ‘The Victory Machine.’ It feels like due diligence but also like a chance for Strauss to eke out one more anecdote for the book,” Hsu writes in his piece. “‘F–k u, f–k your sources and your book,’ Durant replied. He’s no longer on the team, but he’s on the cover of the book, anyway—alone.”

It merits noting that Strauss and Durant have something of a contentious history going back the superstar’s time with the Warriors, so that in large part presumably played a role in how the writer’s request was received. The fact that Durant can be notoriously thin-skinned at times when it comes to criticism obviously fed into his antagonism to working with a writer who had previously criticized him in print.

In other words, it’s hardly surprising that Durant was uncooperative when asked to add his thoughts to a book that he suspected would not cast him in a flattering light given the role he played in the Warriors’ dynastic demise.