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Joe Buck: No regrets over ‘disgusting act’ call on Randy Moss faux mooning

In a broadcasting call that will live in infamy, Joe Buck condemned Randy Moss on the air in 2005 for his faux mooning of a hostile crowd, and the longtime announcer insists to this day he has no regrets over the decision to call it a “disgusting act.”

The scene was Lambeau Field on Jan. 9, 2005 during the Minnesota Vikings’ unexpected 31-17 wild-card round victory over the divisional-rival Green Bay Packers. After Moss scored a touchdown to put the Vikings up big, he strolled over to the field-goal post and proceeded to fake-moon the fans.

Buck then laid into Moss on the FOX telecast.

In a piece by Richard Deitsch of The Athletic centered around one call well-known broadcasters would like back, Buck is quoted and remains defiant despite the years of mockery over the notion that he wildly overreacted to what many people insist was a relatively innocuous celebration.

“Most people would think I would say the Randy Moss mooning in Green Bay,” Buck said. “They would be wrong. I said what I said because it was how I felt at the moment. I did, however, learn the power of the word ‘disgusting.’”

There is an interesting backstory — no pun intended — about Moss’ motivation for the faux mooning. The Hall of Fame wide receiver has long insisted that Packers fans would routinely moon the Vikings team buses as they drove to Lambeau. So in essence, Moss’ move simply was an act of payback.

Moss reminisced about the infamous celebration before his enshrinement in Canton in 2018, and the often-mercurial superstar downplayed the severity of his controversial fake-moon move.

Buck, meanwhile, has long been dogged over his condemnatory call, and his latest defense is also not the first time he’s weighed in on one of the more notable moments from his broadcasting career.