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Trae Young: Young Hawks players took to calling Vince Carter ‘Yoda’

Vince Carter appears to have made quite the impression on his young Atlanta Hawks teammates in his nearly two seasons with the team, so much so that the sage 43-year-old veteran was given a flattering moniker by them.

Young Hawks star Trae Young recently weighed in on how Carter’s knowledge, experience and wisdom had such a beneficial impact on players still learning the ropes in the NBA. Speaking with “Inside the NBA” ringleader Ernie Johnson Monday night, Young revealed that Hawks players have taken to referring to Carter as “Yoda,” who of course is the legendary Jedi Master in the “Star Wars” universe.

Carter’s best years were obviously behind him over the past few seasons, but the veteran of 22 NBA seasons and 1,541 games across time with eight teams proved to be an invaluable resource for a developing Hawks team.

That’s not to say Carter could not get it done on the court at his age. While he was averaging only 14.6 minutes of action per game, Carter chipped in 5.0 points and 2.1 rebounds while also providing a steadying influence in a mentor-like role in Atlanta.

The Hawks were among the worst teams in the league this season, posting a 20-47 record when the NBA went on indefinite hiatus. Carter did not seem to mind playing for a cellar-dwelling team, however, as he recently pointed out how he “never chased a ring” at any point in his career.

Unfortunately for Carter, it’s a distinct possibility the ageless wonder has played in his last NBA game. Due to the uncertainty surrounding whether the NBA will resume its 2019-20 season in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Carter was left incredibly emotional in March after walking off the court due to the knowledge that his iconic career may have come to such an unceremonious end.