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Patrick Mahomes hopes to be with Chiefs for ‘a long time,’ confident about new deal

The Kansas City Chiefs unsurprisingly exercised its fifth-year option on Patrick Mahomes this week, and the superstar quarterback has since expressed confidence that a new deal will get worked out at some point.

Speaking with reporters Friday, Mahomes weighed in on his current contract situation. Saying “whenever that happens it happens” when it comes to a long-term deal, Mahomes stressed that he hopes to be with the Chiefs for “a long time,” as shared by James Palmer of NFL Network.

What’s more, Mahomes is choosing not to get bogged down in all the details. Instead, he’s focusing upon himself as a player and will allow his agents and the Chiefs work things out on the contract front.

What’s more, coming off a Super Bowl LIV and MVP honors, Mahomes weighed in on why it’s so difficult for teams to repeat and win back-to-back championships.

Mahomes quickly got back to work after briefly basking in the afterglow of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win over the 49ers, and it’s that kind of work ethic that may help the Chiefs overcome any potential championship hangover.

Further, such acts also demonstrate a level of commitment and drive in Mahomes — traits paired with unparalleled talent — that will inspire the Chiefs to have no concerns whatsoever about locking up the superstar quarterback to a long-term deal, one that inevitably will be the most lucrative in NFL history.