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Derek Carr welcomes Marcus Mariota’s arrival on Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders brought in Marcus Mariota to presumably add some competition to the quarterback room. Instead of agonizing over the fellow signal-caller’s arrival, Derek Carr insists he’s welcoming it.

Carr’s future with the Raiders organization seemingly has been uncertain at best ever since the arrival of the Jon Gruden-Mike Mayock regime. The Raiders’ decision to sign the Titans castoff arguably only further complicates matters from Carr’s perspective.

That’s not how Carr is electing to view the situation, however.

“I gotta be honest with you, it doesn’t even bother me one bit. And that is being completely true to myself. No one outside of who I am is going to push me harder than me,” Carr told Vic Tarfur of The Athletic. “Like, I always encourage guys to go ahead and wake up when I wake up, study how much I study, work hard like I work hard. I’m not the least bit looking to my left or to my right when I’m doing a rep, I’m focused on me.┬áIt’s just that when you’re the same face and you’re one of the last same faces that’s been around for seven years, people just look for things to point out.”

There has been no shortage of chatter surrounding the Raiders potentially trading Carr. There were rumors that the 29-year-old quarterback was “heavily shopped” by the Raiders at the Combine in February.

Mayock swatted back at those reports at the time, saying Carr played “at a high level” in 2019 and he’s “very happy” with the quarterback.

All told, while Carr led the Raiders to a disappointing 7-9 record last season, he posted some of the best numbers of his career, completing 70.4% of his passes for 4,054 yards with 21 touchdowns to eight interceptions.

Amid all the noise, Carr has also been blowing off the rampant trade rumors going back to the 2018 season by proclaiming he wasn’t “going anywhere” and that he’s a “Raider” through and through.

So far, Carr’s bold statement has rung true, and it certainly appears that will be the case again in 2020, even with Mariota in the fold.