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LeBron James rails against report that some NBA execs want season canceled

A report surfaced this week that multiple team executives and player agents are pressuring the NBA to cancel the season. LeBron James took to Twitter in the wake of the news to rail against such speculation.

The report that seemed to draw James’ ire was published Thursday morning by Jabari Young of CNBC. In it, it’s relayed that several NBA teams execs and agents spoke to CNBC in recent weeks and shared frustration over “the lack of information from the league” and are “pushing for an outright cancellation of the season so everyone can focus on safely resuming play next season.”

James wasn’t having it, and the Los Angeles Lakers superstar went so far a to question the veracity of the reporting in his tweet.

James’ protest aside, an individual indicated to CNBC that one Western Conference team has already lost approximately $50 million amid the league’s indefinite hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. That team “doesn’t have much incentive to restart the season anymore,” the report reads.

“What [owners] are saying is, ’If we return, where is the revenue that is going to justify the additional cost of returning?” one team executive said. “They are looking at the cost side versus the revenue side. What revenue comes in now?”

When the NBA shut down in March after it was learned that Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert contracted COVID-19, James said he was vehemently opposed to playing games in empty arenas without fans. James has since retreated from that strong stance considerably, which is good given that’s likely the only way the season will resume anytime soon.

The latest concept floated by the NBA to get the league back in action is to use Disney World as a universal game site with players and other essential personnel living under quarantine. How James feels about that plan is not yet known.