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Cowboys confident long-term deal with Dak Prescott will get done

One of the biggest storylines that has dominated this past NFL offseason is the protracted nature of the negotiations between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott regarding a long-term deal.

As things currently stand, Prescott is set to make $31.4 million next season under the exclusive franchise tag. However, Cowboys executive vice president and COO Stephen Jones believes that won’t happen as he recently expressed complete confidence that a contract will be hammered out between the parties before the late-July deadline.

Appearing Wednesday night on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” for an interview with Scott Van Pelt, Jones explained how the Cowboys’ “track record of getting players signed” provides the roadmap through which a Prescott deal will get accomplished.

There has been no shortage of rumors and speculation concerning the exact status of negotiations between Prescott and the Cowboys. The prevailing belief in league circles is that Prescott is poised to sign one of the biggest contracts in NFL history.

Last month, it was reported that the terms of a potential Prescott contract have now exceeded an average annual value of $33 million with $105 million in guaranteed money, which were the most recent available numbers available.

One of the biggest hangups stalling negotiations, though, is the length of the deal. The Cowboys are believed to desire a five-year contract while Prescott is angling for one four years in length.

While Jones is correct that history suggests that the Cowboys typically figure out a way to get their marquee players signed, it’s nevertheless surprising how negotiations have gone with Prescott. That being said, there’s plenty of time to get a contract done before the July 22 deadline for finalizing such a deal.