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TCU head coach Gary Patterson working on album during downtime

TCU Horned Frogs head football coach Gary Patterson has a passion for making music and he’s taking advantage of the downtime afforded by the coronavirus pandemic to record an album.

Patterson has sought out the assistance of a recording artist to help refine the 15 songs he has written over the past 30 years.

“I used to write music when I was younger,” Patterson said Tuesday during a videoconference call with reporters, via Sam Khan Jr. of ESPN. “I actually sent somebody some of my music, and somebody’s going to record it.”

Patterson declined to identify the recording artist he’s collaborating with — joking that he’s “not letting somebody steal my music” — but he relayed that the process has involved updating some of the lyrics that apparently have become dated over the years.

“You might be really surprised when we get done with this. The guy that helped [rewrite] it, he put it in the modern age,” Patterson said. “If it hits No. 1, I’m gonna make all you guys all go out to some country place, and you’re all going to have to dance to it.”

Taking advantage of the free time needed to complete his passion project obviously comes with college football and the entire sports world at an almost complete standstill. While Patterson continues to videoconference with players and his coaching staff, the initial stages of putting together the album clearly has been a rewarding experience during these uncertain times.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to do it,” Patterson said. “They’ve already been in the studio, they’ve already put it on tracks, and we’re going forward. That’s something that I never thought I’d get to do because I always stayed so busy.”

There presumably is some understandable skepticism concerning Patterson’s songwriting skills. However, there is footage out there from a few years back in which the TCU coach showcases his musical chops.

There you have it.