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Boston mayor shades Tom Brady over Tampa park incident

Tom Brady recently ran afoul of stay-at-home orders in Florida after getting caught working out in a closed park, and the mayor of Boston recently cracked a joke about how such an incident never would have happened had the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback stayed with the New England Patriots.

Boston mayor Marty Walsh was making an appearance Wednesday morning on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” when he quipped that Brady got what was coming to him during the park mishap because of how he spurned the Patriots.

“If Tom Brady stayed … There are some exceptions I would make and having Tom Brady throw a football, I probably maybe would have looked the other way on that one,” Walsh said. “But he goes to Tampa Bay and that’s what he gets, getting thrown out of the park. So it serves him right.”

The misunderstanding elicited an amusing fallout on several fronts, with Brady himself cracking wise about how he was so unceremoniously welcomed to his new town by “getting kicked out of the park the other day.”

Tampa mayor Jane Castor found herself in the position of weighing in on the situation as well. After explaining how the incident played out, Castor then apologized to Brady on social media over the misunderstanding.

The mayor later issued a letter as well welcoming both Brady and fellow new Bucs player Rob Gronkowski on official City of Tampa stationery.

While it certainly appears that Tampa is doing its best to roll out the red carpet for Brady despite the park mishap, it’s just as apparent that the mayor of the city he left behind speaks for most Pats fans who continue to harbor bitterness over the quarterback’s stunning departure.