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‘The Ocho’ to take over ESPN’s flagship network this weekend

ESPN will again rely upon some seriously quirky programming this coming weekend in this live sports-starved climate, as “The Ocho” will take over its flagship network for the first time ever.

The moniker of course is inspired by the bit in the classic comedy, “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” as ESPN 8: The Ocho is the network that aired the oddball sports tournament in the movie held in Las Vegas.

While ESPN has been whimsically turning to “The Ocho” during the dog days of summer for some time, the fact that it will be on its flagship channel for 11 hours on Saturday is particularly notable.

“For the first time in the fictitious network’s storied history, ESPN 8: The Ocho will take over ESPN for an 11-hour slate of seldom seen sports on Saturday, May 2,” reads ESPN’s press release on “The Ocho” takeover. “A world record deadlift attempt by Thor Bjornsson kicks-off the schedule at noon ET live from Reykjavik, Iceland. Other featured events include Jelle’s Marble Runs, Cherry Pit Spitting and the Stupid Robot Fighting League.

Other off-the-wall events scheduled to air on the fifth iteration of “The Ocho” Saturday beginning at noon ET include the 2019 Golden Tee World Championship, Putt Putt Championships, Lawn Mower Racing, not to mention boffo competitions dubbed Slippery Stairs and Death Diving, among several others.