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Conor McGregor’s tailor makes face masks out of infamous F-bomb suit

The expletive-laden suit Conor McGregor infamously wore during promotional events leading up to his crossover boxing match against Floyd Mayweather a few years ago has been turned into face masks by his tailor.

Irish designer David August Heil unveiled the “F— You” face masks in an Instagram dispatch shared Monday, and it sounds like an unidentified amount of them are available for purchase.

“Fresh new David August Couture design,” reads the Instagram post bearing an unedited image of him wearing one of the face masks. “20 more patterns in work now. Beautifully hand crafted, perfectly fitted, 3 ply thickness, removable filter, & washable.”

McGregor even reacted to the ingenious use of the suit he donned in 2017, writing, “Hahaha need” in the Instagram post’s thread.

It’s unclear how many presumably highly coveted F-bomb face masks were made and how many will be sold. However, Heil’s official site does have several face masks available for purchase that retail for under $200. While expensive, Heil indicates on his site that every face mask purchased “will help supply five (5) N95 masks to hard-hit hospitals and clinics” amid the coronavirus pandemic.