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Brett Favre backs Aaron Rodgers after Packers draft Jordan Love

The Green Bay Packers made the most surprising move of the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft by trading up and using the 26th pick to select quarterback Jordan Love.

The widespread — not to mention perfectly reasonable — reaction has been that Aaron Rodgers cannot be thrilled that a Packers team with Super Bowl aspirations spent such valuable draft capital on a quarterback instead of selecting a player to help him on offense.

Speculation is running rampant concerning what all this means in the long run for the Green Bay organization, with even some suggesting Rodgers should demand a trade over the Packers’ decision.

All that aside, a Packers legend who obviously knows exactly what Rodgers is going through has weighed in on the situation.

Brett Favre had an interesting reaction to Thursday night’s Packers-related developments, essentially stating that drafting Love has no impact whatsoever on Rodgers, at least in the short term. What’s more, Favre said he and Rodgers discussed this exact situation just last year in light of the similarities between now and when Rodgers was drafted.

“Look, no one’s going to replace Aaron unless Aaron chooses to be replaced,” Favre told TMZ Sports in a remote interview. “There’s no worry for him that he’s going to be ousted. He’s too good of a player.

“… “Not that we think Aaron is at the end of his road, I think he’s got many good years barring injury ahead of him. But, you do have to start grooming the next guy.  And, Aaron gets it.”

Interestingly enough, the belief was that Favre himself would serve as a mentor to Rodgers after the Packers drafted his heir apparent in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft. Things did not go as planned, as Favre by all accounts was extremely reluctant to happily groom his understudy, although he says now that the arrival of Rodgers in Green Bay was “reality setting in” for him as a then-37-year-old.

Favre and Rodgers of course made their peace years later, but their time together in Green Bay was not an ideal protege-mentor situation. It’s certainly interesting that Favre seemingly believes Rodgers will handle things better than he did all those years ago.