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Adam Schefter forgets about WNBA Draft in tweet about NFL Draft, apologizes

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter got called out Thursday night for overlooking an important event held just last week when tweeting about how refreshing the arrival of the 2020 NFL Draft was for sports fans. He has since apologized.

Schefter rankled an outspoken contingent of critics on social media when issuing the referenced tweet as Day 1 of the NFL’s unprecedented all-virtual draft got underway.

The hullabaloo was spawned by Schefter mistakenly overlooking last week’s 2020 WNBA Draft — incidentally aired on his employer’s network — when hailing Thursday’s first round of the 2020 NFL Draft as the first “real live sporting event” “in what feels like forever.”

A review of the reactions left on Schefter’s tweet shows that a certain segment of Twitter was left offended by the NFL analyst neglecting to recall last Friday’s WNBA Draft.

Schefter presumably somehow caught wind of the backlash and subsequently issued an apology later Thursday night during the latter stages of Round 1 of NFL Draft.

Schefter’s gaffe is arguably nothing more than a relatively innocuous oversight presumably prompted by his excitement over covering one of the biggest nights for the league he spends all year covering. This is all the more true given the nature of these uncertain times.

The backlash, as it were, is hardly surprising given the reactionary — not to mention snarky — nature of Twitter and other outlets of its ilk.

That being said, it does demonstrate how high-profile individuals with large followings on social media have to always be on their toes when sharing their thoughts, even seemingly benign ones.

Fair or unfair, that’s unfortunately how unforgiving and petty social media can be at times.