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Roger Goodell shows off 2020 NFL Draft setup in ‘man cave’ basement

Roger Goodell will be announcing picks from the relatively comfortable environs of his basement for the NFL’s unprecedented all-virtual draft, and he seems ready for the novel experience.

On Thursday morning, the NFL commissioner gave a peek behind the curtain and showcased how things are set up at his home during an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

In the interview with Robyn Roberts from his Westchester County, N.Y., home, Goodell doubled down on his recent remarks about how the draft and the NFL maintaining a business-as-usual approach — at least as best as possible — can help lend some semblance of normalcy amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“One thing I’ve learned about what we’re going through as a country is you can’t tell a week from now, much less three months from now,” Goodell said of the NFL’s plans to proceed with the 2020 season as scheduled, as transcribed by TMZ Sports. “Our job is to be ready. We’ll be ready to make alternatives … we’ll be putting public safety No. 1 as we always do and make sure our fans, our players, everyone are able to be in a safe environment.”

The commissioner also joked about the moniker given to the basement in his home.

“We’re right here in what we affectionately call in the Goodell family … the man cave,” he said. “… We’ve turned this into a mini studio. There will be three people in here with me [during the NFL Draft],” referring to wife Jane Skinner and their two girls.

While the so-called “man cave” is now decorated with football-related regalia, Goodell revealed that the basement typically serves as a storage space for his daughters’ dolls.

Finally, Goodell weighed in on the tradition of fans mercilessly booing him when he announces picks, saying he “loves” it. That’s a good thing, as things have been put in place so fans can do it again this year, albeit virtually.