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Brett Favre threatens return of infamous jorts from his draft day

One of the most iconic images from NFL draft history has to be Brett Favre resting comfortably on a bed while sporting a pair of jorts as he took a call from the Atlanta Falcons during the 1991 NFL Draft … but not for the arguably right reasons.

The appearance of the then-Southern Miss star rocking such a look screams the early ’90s — not in a good way — and has been seared into the memories of NFL fans going on decades now. And for good reason.

In news that should frighten, well, everyone, Favre recently threatened to bring back the jorts look.

While discussing the 2020 NFL Draft in what will be an all-virtual affair that begins Thursday night, Favre opened up about his draft-day experience all those years ago.

In what anyone with any fashion sense should hope was a joke, the old gunslinger alluded to potentially busting out the aforementioned jorts for a new generation.

Perish the thought. Although if there ever was a 50-year-old grandfather who could fit into a pair of jorts that they were in their 20s, it would be the seemingly ageless Favre, who still looks like he could play in the NFL.

Still, Favre should just not do it for any reason. No one needs jorts reintroduced and turned into a modern fashion trend, like what’s happened with Mom Jeans.

Then again, the notion of Favre rocking the jorts look might make sense in light of his recent choice in hair color.

Egad. Jorts it is for Favre and his golden (?) hair.