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Ron Rivera’s all-virtual draft experience will be a family affair

The NFL is entering unprecedented territory with its all-virtual 2020 draft that kicks off Thursday night. All 32 teams will be relying on front office staffs, scouts, coaches and other associated personnel spread out and working together from their respective remote locations.

Washington Redskins head coach Ron Rivera of course will be going it alone throughout the draft from an organizational perspective as well. However, he will be relying on others residing in his home to get things done.

In other words, when it comes to Rivera’s handling of the bizarre draft setup — which includes a virtual draft war room set up in his basement — it will be something of a family affair.

Rivera’s wife, Stephanie, and daughter, Courtney, have been deputized, in a manner of speaking, as the two will serve important roles as the first-year Washington head coach helps conduct the team’s draft.

It merits noting that Courtney Rivera is already employed by the Washington organization in its social media department. She put together a video for USAA showing how the Riveras are preparing for the all-virtual draft.

“It’s teamwork, just like in the military,” Rivera said, per John Keim of ESPN. “Everyone in the house will be doing something.”

Rivera also joked that the two family dogs, Tahoe and Sierra, will serve in the capacity of “comfort support.” He added that there have been no glitches or hiccups throughout preparations for the draft, which included team-led exercises and a virtual league-wide mock draft earlier in the week.

“You know what, I don’t think I’m concerned,” Rivera said. “I really don’t. I feel good, knock on wood. It’s like in the military, they call these maneuvers. We’re practicing what we need to do. That’s what we’ve done. We’re working out the kinks.”

Whatever happens during the upcoming draft — even if no mishaps or technical meltdowns occur (although odds are something strange will occur) — it will be interesting.