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Rick Carlisle drops great line about embarrassing ‘The Last Dance’ cameo

Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle made a cameo in the premiere of the smash ESPN series “The Last Dance,” and it was an awkward one, to say the least.

Carlisle deserves some credit, though, as at least he had a good sense of humor about about his embarrassing role in the Michael Jordan-centric documentary.

Footage in the opening episode of the 10-part series showcases Jordan’s dazzling 49-point performance in 1986 during the Chicago Bulls’ postseason-opening game against the Boston Celtics. Carlisle was victimized during the game by a baseline spin and dunk by MJ, footage of which was shown in the documentary.

“There must have been an exhaustive search to find footage of me actually PLAYING in an NBA playoff game,” Carlisle wrote in a text reply about the unflattering clip, according to Tim McMahon of ESPN.

Adding insult to injury, Carlisle is brutally shaded in the clip by the color commentator, who says, “I mean, Carlisle just wants his mommy.”

Making matters even worse for Carlisle — somehow — is that at least one Mavs player, Jalen Brunson, noticed his humbling on-court moment while watching the doc and called him out on Twitter over it.

If it’s any consolation to Carlisle, Jordan obviously made plenty of opponents look plenty foolish on the court throughout his iconic NBA career. Odds are several other former players will be embarrassed by footage featured in upcoming episodes of “The Last Dance.”