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Philly sports teams rally city with shared COVID-19 video

The four major professional sports teams based in Philadelphia have teamed up to rally the City of Brotherly Love amid the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 76ers, Eagles, Flyers and Phillies on Wednesday simultaneously shared a video on their respective social media channels in which gratitude is expressed for the tireless efforts of healthcare workers, firefighters, law enforcement, bus drivers and the countless others on the front lines serving the community during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The footage features similar themes to the video recently shared by New York’s professional sports franchises in that front-line workers are celebrated alongside local sports stars.

In the Philly version, Joel Embiid and Bryce Harper, among others, are featured showcasing their superstar talents.

The entire message shared in the video follows, as shared by WPVI-TV.

Everything’s off.
You wonder: where are we?
When the present carries historic weight, it feels like all we can do is wait.
But in this moment –
We won’t break.
We’re held together by our aunt who shows no fear in the face of danger;
Our neighbor who lends a hand;
Our pop who runs from nothing;
Our niece who brings piece to a perfect stranger;
Our friend whose calls go beyond four walls;
Our daughter who put the room in motion;
Our brother who broke the silence when we needed it most.
Heart will lead us back together.
Back to first and goal with all of us on our feet;
A walk-off with hugs all around;
A miraculous save that has us buzzing for days;
A three to seal it as we erupt.
Until then we root for all what we’ve always rooted for like our greatest moments;
Watching in slow motion;
Hearts worn on our sleeves;
No backing down from the fight;
Laid it all out on the line.
That’s what brings us together, time after time.
Here, we don’t quit when we’ve had enough.
We don’t hang up the gloves.
We rise above.
This is the City of Brother Love.

As of Wednesday, Philadelphia has had 10,643 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and seen 419 deaths, according to the city’s official site.

Sports of course have long been relied upon to lift the spirits of a city and/or region and its citizens. Without the possibility of actual games being played at this time, Philly’s teams are trying to do whatever they can to rally their town.