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Patriots tease new uniforms, announce unveiling date

The New England Patriots are among the handful of NFL teams rolling out new uniforms this offseason. On Friday, the organization both teased the new unis as well as announced an official unveiling date.

The Patriots took to their social media channels to reveal that the team’s new uniforms will be fittingly unveiled on Patriots’ Day, which arrives this year on Monday, April 20. Not only that, the Patriots cryptically used a traditional rhyme to hint at how the new jersey may look.

The teaser comes from the message shared, which reads, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” It is of course an old wedding saying about what a bride should wear to bring good luck.

The case can be made that it’s a surprising choice in messaging given this offseason’s stunning divorce between the team and Tom Brady.

That said, it can be reasonably inferred that the new uniforms will blend the Patriots’ past with some new wrinkles, not to mention that the color blue presumably will be a prevalent aspect of the color scheme.

As far as the “something borrowed” aspect? That’s anyone’s guess.

While some teams have unveiled new uniforms to widespread approval — the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were fortuitous in that regard — some teams have not fared as favorably. Perhaps the most maligned uniform rollout came from the Atlanta Falcons, who were mocked and ridiculed upon their big unveiling.

The Patriots clearly are a team undergoing massive change both on and off the field this offseason. The safe assumption is the Pats hope their uniform unveiling gets things off to an encouraging start.