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NFL GM says mock drafts this year have never been ‘wronger’

The entire painstaking, meticulous process NFL teams typically utilize to prepare for a draft have been thrown out of whack this year due to the ceasing of normal league operations amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As a consequence of teams’ inability to evaluate prospects under normal circumstances with facilities closed and player pro days being canceled, one NFL GM observed that mock drafts conducted by the usual suspects like Mel Kiper and the like are probably way off the mark.

Given the strange setup, expect some big surprises during the virtual 2020 NFL Draft next week, as shared by Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

“The media is wronger about mock drafts this year than you guys have ever been,” the GM told the NFL insider.

Even at their best, mock drafts are a woefully inexact science, but that does not stop the exercises conducted and shared by Kiper and those of his ilk from being some of the most sought-after sports content, sometimes months and months before the actual event is held.

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah believes that the lack of team personnel congregating during official workouts and pro days and such will lead to “less groupthink,” which in turn means teams may have players rated and ranked far differently when compared to typical years.

How things will shake out from April 23-25 of course remains to be seen, but that arguably can be said about every NFL Draft. Teams making selections amid quarantine rules in a virtual setting obviously adds several more wild cards to a situation that already tends to be a chaotic affair.

Adding another layer of uncertainty is how there’s a distinct possibility that gaffes of some form or another could occur as teams scramble to make picks under such unprecedented circumstances.

In other words, buckle up, as the 2020 NFL Draft could be bumpy ride.