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Danny Green: LeBron James working out ‘like a madman’ during NBA hiatus

It stands to reason that most, if not all, NBA players are doing everything they can to stay in shape amid the league’s hiatus, but it sounds like LeBron James has been taking things to his patented next level.

The nature of James’ commitment to remaining in peak form — — at least as much as possible with team facilities on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic — was shared recently by Los Angeles Lakers teammate Danny Green.

Not only that, Green noted how both James and Anthony Davis are taking their leadership roles seriously, which takes on added significance with Lakers players being unable to be together.

“Bron is checking in on guys, AD’s checking in on guys to make sure and see if they have access to a gym or not, if they’re in town or not, if they’re able to come their way and get workouts in,” Green said in interview Thursday with Chris McGee of Spectrum SportsNet. “Because, you know, he’s working out with his son like a madman at least 4-5 times a week. He gives us that option. But a lot of guys here — most of them have gone home to their families — have found access to something to be able to stay in shape.

It should hardly come as a shock that a workout warrior like James — whose offseason regimen is the stuff of legend — is pushing himself to make sure he’s ready to roll if and when the NBA resumes play. While it remains to be seen how such a resumption would be handled — if it indeed ever does — James understands that players nearest to game shape will hold an advantage over less-prepared opponents.

All that being said, it’s believed that no decision will be made by NBA commissioner Adam Silver until May at the earliest. In the event that the league resumes play in some capacity, however, there reportedly will be a 25-day program preceding any games to allow players to get back up to speed.

From the sound of it, James will be raring to go, not that anything else should have been expected.