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Stephen Curry: ‘I was the first NBA player tested for COVID-19’

Stephen Curry recently opened up in a candid essay about how confronting the possibility that he had contracted the COVID-19 virus. While things of course turned out favorably for the Golden State Warriors superstar, he admits in the piece that it was unsurprisingly a frightening experience.

Writing in a piece for TIME that was published Thursday by the media outlet, Curry also makes note of how he was the first NBA player to be tested for the novel coronavirus. It came just one day after he made his return to the court following a months-long absence due to a broken second metacarpal in his left hand suffered on Oct. 30.

“March 6. That’s when it all became very real,” Curry writes. “I had just played my first basketball game in months the night before, and conversations were swirling about what this virus might mean for the league.

“That night, I started to feel sick. The fever set in. First at 100. Then 101. My first thought was, “What are the chances? Could this really happen?” After months of waiting to get back on the court following a broken hand and two surgeries, I just wanted to play. But the threat of this mystery virus locked me in my bedroom to protect everyone I cared about: wife, kids, teammates, fans.

Recalling being on edge while waiting for the outcome of his test results, Curry wrote that the “experience hit me, and it hit me hard.”

Curry’s timeline as it relates to being the first NBA player tested for coronavirus falls in line with how NBA commissioner Adam Silver placed the 2019-20 NBA on an indefinite hiatus beginning on March 12 after Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Curry has been among the more visible NBA players amid the league’s hiatus thanks to his efforts to raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic as well as his contributions to relief efforts. While his time in quarantine at his home have been a mixed bag, it’s clear that the experience of having to get tested for COVID-19 shook the Warrior superstar to his core.