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Dez Bryant: Criticism over workout with Dak Prescott ‘messed me up mentally’

Dez Bryant has come under fire by some for the questionable optics of his recent workouts with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott given the restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the free-agent wide receiver has since fired back amid the criticism.

Footage shared on social media by Bryant, among others, shows the wideout recently running routes and catching passes from Prescott at a practice facility.

Given the shelter-in-place and/or stay-at-home orders currently in effect in most U.S. states — not to mention the need for social distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak — some have questioned the wisdom of Bryant and Prescott, as well as others in attendance, participating in such workouts at this time.

Among the harshest critics was Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, who destroyed the two NFL stars over the workout violating quarantine measures in a vitriolic screed.

In it, Florio also castigates those choosing to defend Bryant and Prescott as being ones who “highlight the undercurrent of ignorance, stupidity, and/or flat-out disregard for the vulnerable members of society who are getting sick and who are dying because people continue to not take steps to freeze the distribution of the virus in its tracks.”

Reacting specifically to Florio’s remarks, Bryant issued a tweet in which he defends the workouts in an arguably curious manner.

Bryant returned to Twitter a short time later to say the blowback he received over the workouts have “messed with me mentally.”

Critics who would be inclined to issue a rebuttal to Bryant’s original retort would presumably question the free agent wide receiver over why, if he has such more responsible options available to work out, why isn’t he using them instead?