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Mets broadcasters drag Astros while calling simulated game

Major League Baseball obviously remains at a complete standstill when it comes to live game action, but some teams are attempting to fill the gap by having their broadcasting teams call virtual games played on “MLB: The Show.”

Such an unconventional and adaptive setup recently allowed the New York Mets broadcasting crew to deliver a vicious broadside at the expense of the Houston Astros.

During Tuesday night’s broadcast of a simulation showdown between the Mets and Astros “covered” by Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling, the crew cleverly made a blatant reference to the virtual opponent’s sign-stealing scandal.

“You can hear very little from the crowd tonight, it almost feels like you’re playing in a library,” Cohen quipped, as transcribed by ESPN. “Which would mean that any sound that might be emanating from the dugout, say, the sound of a trash can being banged, would be quite formidable.”

The coronavirus pandemic obviously has all but silenced the relentless backlash to which the Astros were being subjected during spring training over their damning cheating scandal. That is, save for one instance when the controversy reared its ugly head amid the COVID-19 outbreak thanks to one Astros star’s questionable and snarky tweet.

Cohen’s cleverly pithy comment, however, certainly illustrates that broadcasters for opposing teams — not to mention rival fans — are keeping such savage shade in their back pockets for when — or if — the 2020 MLB season ever gets started.