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LeBron James opens up about importance of his I Promise school

LeBron James has frequently stated that the 2018 opening of his I Promise School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, stands as one of the most significant accomplishments of his life. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar recently opened up again about why the school’s ongoing prosperity holds so much personal meaning.

Monday marked the debut of a documentary series about James’ I Promise School on Quibi. Slated for 15 episodes, “I PROMISE” chronicles the ups and downs, challenges and achievements, as well as some inspirational stories about the school’s overwhelming success.

James spent some time this week discussing his profound connection to the school and how the children benefiting from its programs continue to inspire him to do more.

The I Promise School and its affiliated programs and community outreach have earned widespread accolades. James’ integral role in opening the school elicited praise from Barack and Michelle Obama due to his dedication to the education initiatives championed by it. When James opened the school in 2018, he hailed it as “one of the greatest moments of my life.”

News in February surfaced about how a class of students who attended I Promise School were benefactors of a wonderful surprise is only the most recent evidence of the school’s ongoing success story. James also recently announced he was writing a book inspired by the school, which is slated for release in August.

It goes without saying that James’ connection to his hometown remains incredibly strong, as evidenced by not only the school but also his recent relief efforts amid the continued COVID-19 outbreak.